Reasons why DAB might not make it

The adoption of the Digital Economy Act in the United Kingdom means that the nation is on its way to switch off the Frequency Modulation stations so as to move to the better and stronger Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB). The DAM module came into play about twenty years ago and it could be obsolete by now.DAB is technically behind the current DAB+ which has been taken in by various parts of the globe.

The target for digital switch on was marked to be for the year 2015 even though it seemed quite an impossible undertaking. The migration from analog to digital is however faced with challenges that make it seem as an exercise in futility. Consumers do not see the need of having the migration since there is little or no change even if the migration is made a reality. Some of the reasons why the much hiked Digital Audio Broadcast are analyzed below:

The current radio coverage of FM radio is very strong

FM radio stations are almost full in the world. The universe is almost full with the coverage of the FM radio stations. There has been an investment and development that has lasted for over 5o years which has made it possible to have a very strong coverage in the world.

There has not been any alternative proposed to replace FM or AM.

The spectrum that has been left by the analog stations is not filled by any other alternative. Moreover, the spectrum has not been put to any other use. It is also interesting to note that the empty spectrum has not been auctioned so as to benefit the government.

Consumers have a wide range of choices from the FM/AM radio

The analog television does not have as many choices for the consumer as the analog radio does. The people who have access to analog radio have the freedom of choosing from a wide range of content.

The small and local radio stations have access to cheap transmission

We should appreciate that FM mode is cheap and better in terms of efficiency for the radio stations that are small and local as opposed to the new Digital Audio Broadcasting. A radius of between 10 and 30 miles can comfortably be covered by a single transmitter of the FM mode.

High level of satisfaction from consumers

Over 90% of consumers who make use of the analog radio transmission are properly satisfied with the kind of service that they are getting from the FM radios. This is as per the research that was done by Ofcom. The same research says that only a handful of citizens listen to other stations in any given week. This therefore means that consumers are somehow rigid as far as changing to DAB is concerned.

Mobile devices globally receive radio on FM

The phone market across the globe is made in such a way that radio is only accessed via FM. This means that DAB cannot be received on mobile phones. For instance, there is no single mobile phone in the UK that receives radio on DAB.

Digital transmission of signals and receipt of the same is all that digital radio is about. It is the application and use of technology in a digital manner so as to enhance transmission of signals through the radio spectrum.