What is the vision of MAIN-FM?

MAIN-FM aims to provide to Asheville and western North Carolina what commercial and traditional public radio do not: an independent, progressive viewpoint.

Anyone who has turned on talk radio over the past 15 years knows it is the virtually exclusive domain of right-wing pundits. This aligns comfortably with the interests of the few media conglomerates who control an ever-increasing share of our public airwaves.

MAIN-FM receives no public funding and relies on private grants, donations, and revenue from MAIN’s ISP services. While this limits our budget, it expands our boundaries. MAIN-FM presents local, regional, national and international news from an independent, non-commercial perspective.

MAIN-FM is also a champion of local voices beyond the political sphere. From musicians and artists to neighborhood charities, we hope to provide a voice to many people with something important to say.

We rely on our community to make MAIN-FM possible. If you support a vision that encourages local voices to join together on behalf of a just and sustainable society, please consider making a contribution to MAIN-FM today!
What is MAIN, and how is it related to MAIN-FM?

The Mountain Area Information Network is a nonprofit community network providing Internet access and web services in 14 western North Carolina counties. MAIN uses subscriber fees to fund community projects such as MAIN-FM, the Blue Ridge Web Market, CarolinaHoy.org and others.

MAIN holds the license for MAIN-FM, and coordinates station operations in consulation with a steering committee, a station manager and MAIN’s board of directors.

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