Welcome to the web site of MAIN-FM 103.7 LP, The Progressive Voice of the Mountains! MAIN-FM is a low-power FM radio station broacasting in Asheville, NC and globally via the Internet.

MAIN-FM is a project of the Mountain Area Information Network, a nonprofit internet service provider and community network dedicated to increasing citizen access to the media and the public sphere.

Please explore our web site, listen to our broadcast, and support this radio station! As we are a non-commercial station, we rely on community volunteers and donations.

As a part of the Mountain Area Information Network, MAIN-FM shares MAIN’s mission:

MAIN is a nonprofit community network using integrated media technologies to expand the local public sphere and to support:

  • participatory democracy
  • citizen access to media
  • independent journalism
  • local cultural and artistic expression
  • locally-owned businesses
  • social and economic justice
  • and environmental stewardship
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