Does my car need a new aerial?

Since most of the functional FM aerials are wound helically, your personal car will definitely need a brand new aerial. An aerial that is wound helically is not long and is stumpy, and is mounted on the roof in usual times. This aerial that is wound in a helical manner is fitted in modern models so as to help strengthen the signal of the FM aerial. This therefore means that the aerial will not be effective when put on a DAB radio. For your car, I would advise you to either purchase a combined aerial that can be mounted on the roof so as to replace it with the aerial that you have currently. Your car can either have a DAB steel panel aerial or a magnetic aerial or even an aerial that is glass striped.

Which type of aerial will I require?

The radio that you buy will come with an aerial that you can install indoors. Radios that are portable come with a handheld aerial model or others that are telescopic standard aerials. Such aerials for the portable radios are fitted on the headphones to ensure audio is of high quality.

The aerial that you have should work properly and give you utmost service if you are within the range of an area that is covered with DAB signals. This is not the case if your location is basement area or a building that has steel frames or one whose concrete is reinforced. In such circumstances, an external aerial is necessary. The rule of the thumb is that if the reception of your mobile phone is wanting, then an external aerial is necessary for you. A professional installer of aerials should install any external aerial that you need, and the said installer should have been registered by Confederation of Aerial Industries. However, try putting your mobile phone near a window to test whether the reception will improve. A dipole is needed to help attain the best results from all external areas.

Is it true that DAB radios will be of no use once DAB+ is introduced?

This is a misleading notion. Most of the radio stations will not stop to air their content on DAB for the next couple of years. DAB+ and DAB are compatible and they can work alongside each other. All radios that transmit their signals on DAB will be able to receive and transmit on DAB even in the introduction of DAB+.

Does the UK have any DAB+?

The answer is yes. The first national radio that transmitted on DAB+ was launched in February 2016. This radio was a commercial multiplex. Other areas of the United Kingdom are having DAB+ signals on a trial basis. This indicates that the United Kingdom will have coverage of DAB in most areas.

What do I do to access DAB+?

Ensure that your radio can receive DAB+. Majority of radios that transmit in digital signals have the capability to receive DAB signals. You should also retune your radio so that you can access all the new signals on your radio

Digital transmission of signals and receipt of the same is all that digital radio is about. It is the application and use of technology in a digital manner so as to enhance transmission of signals through the radio spectrum.