Editor’s Blog: Listening on digital radio

Digital challenges

It is interesting and challenging to run the BBC Radio in any country. It is incredible on the kind of content that the radio is able to produce day in day out for its listeners. The challenge is that this content cannot reach everyone in a quality manner.

Producers have the challenge of explaining to various listeners across the globe on why the quality of the programs being aired is poor in their residential areas. The residents call in very irked since they do not understand why the content of airing can be of low quality yet we are in the digital era. It is also not easy to explain why radio signals from BBC cannot be picked yet they are not out of range from the nearest transmitter. Such issues can only be solved by way of having a corner of distribution of radio signals.

Digital radio: A better and clearer picture

Digital radio is available on Television. This is possible in several countries such as Wales, United Kingdom, Freesat City, and Virgin among other areas. You can also access BBC radio on your mobile as well as on a host of various apps that will offer you a brilliant signal. Such an app is the ever satisfying iPlayer Radio that plays BBC radio in an excellent and wonderful manner.

Once you have a digital television in your house or a hotel, then you can access the radio from the digital platform in a clear manner than never before. All you need to do is to auto search the television and it will automatically detect the radio signals that are within reach from where you are. You can then save the channels and listen in to the one that excites you the most. You do not need to have anyone dictate the station that you shall be listening to. This is not DSTV where the channels can be controlled by a single person from the counter of a club. Take control of the stations that you need.

When the world decided to move on to the digital era, it was not business as usual for the people who were used to transmit their signals on the Frequency modulation mode. They used to charge very expensive so as to have a single signal to reach the people. However, the wake of digital era has brought new excitement since you can listen to a host of radio stations as you like. This is not expensive as it used to be.

Millions of people across the globe are now connected through the digital platform. It is unimaginable how you can listen to radio from your hand held device where you do not need to have an aerial. The aerial is slowly being phased out of the market since it used to pose insurmountable challenges when one tries to turn it so as to get the station they need. In spite of the many merits of the digital era, there still remains a lot of work to be done. However, the world is at a better position.

Digital transmission of signals and receipt of the same is all that digital radio is about. It is the application and use of technology in a digital manner so as to enhance transmission of signals through the radio spectrum.