Digital Audio Broadcasting around the Globe

The progress in technology may be seen every day around the globe. In the domain of radio stations this aspect is also present and the progress may be noticed also in this area. Nowadays digital audio radio stations become more and more present in our lives.

Digital Audio Broadcasting in Europe

Europe is the place where Digital Audio Broadcasting has started to become a new method of broadcasting. It has started as research in the 1980’s and the first digital radio channel has been released after 15 years, in 1995 in Norway, in its name NRK Klassisk. This was the first step, because after this step, digital radio stations started to be used in other countries. In Europe, the first countries after Norway that started to use digital audio broadcasting were Sweden, United Kingdom and Germany. In Europe, there are many other countries that have implemented digital radio stations, countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Croatia, Denmark, Romania, Ireland and Italy. Denmark is one of the countries with the highest number of digital audio radio stations in the world. Norway announced that starting from 2017 the national analogue FM broadcasting will be switched off and replaced by the digital audio broadcasting.

Digital Audio Broadcasting in Asia and Australia

After digital audio broadcasting has been implemented in Europe it started to be attractive for other countries outside of Europe too. In Asia for example, there are big countries that use digital radio broadcasting, countries such as China, Brunei, Singapore or Hong Kong. In China, digital audio broadcasting started to be used since 2006 and starting from then, this broadcasting has been implemented in three big cities. Nowadays, digital audio broadcasting is still developing and for sure that more cities will use these radio stations. In Asia, there are many other countries that have decided to test digital audio broadcasting, countries like Indonesia or Malaysia, but at this moment digital audio broadcasting is only in the test phase. Australia is another part of the world where digital audio broadcasting is widespread. The first attempts to introduce this type of broadcasting have been done in 1999, but only in 2005 digital radios have been implemented. Nowadays, the biggest cities in Australia are deserved by digital radio broadcasting.

Digital Audio Broadcasting in America and Africa

On the American continent, there are some initiatives in using digital radio, but this trend is not very widespread. In Canada, there were some tests, but this country is using the American platform for digital radio. Mexico is another country that tested digital audio broadcasting. First, this radio station has not been accepted by national radio stations, but in 2008, digital radio stations have been authorized. In Africa, only developed countries may think about digital audio broadcasting and one of these countries is South Africa. Even if in South Africa were done trials regarding digital radio stations, there are no licenses for this kind of broadcasting.

This post tries to make a short introduction regarding digital broadcasting around the globe. We are sure that the situation is changing even we are writing, but we are living in a very dynamic world.

Digital transmission of signals and receipt of the same is all that digital radio is about. It is the application and use of technology in a digital manner so as to enhance transmission of signals through the radio spectrum.