Keep LOCAL Non-Corporate Radio Alive

stay-tuned-640x427We regret to report that MAIN-FM is off the air temporarily. Interference issues with our antenna have forced us to unplug. But not to worry! We will be back soon and you can still stream all of our programs online. We are working to get everything fixed so that our amazing mix of local and national progressive voices is broadcasting again. The upgrade we need to get back on the air is expensive! So if you love listening to MAIN-FM 103.7 on your radio, please donate as much as you can NOW!

Help us keep LOCAL non-Corporate Media alive in Asheville.

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2 Responses to “Keep LOCAL Non-Corporate Radio Alive”

  1. Tom Craig says:

    I am happy to see that MAIN is communicating about the problem with the antenna. I have been a listener and sometime supporter since almost the beginning of the station. Next year will mark about 10 years that we have been listening (when the antennas were functioning). In the past WPVM/MAIN-FM seemed to follow a policy of ,” if there’s a problem the best thing to do is ignore it , for sure don’t mention it and after a while no one will notice it”, kind of like the opposite of Goehring’s quote about telling a lie enough until it becomes a truth! It is refreshing to see a timely honest post instead of the months/years of no report that occurred the last time the radio station went down! Is this a long term indefinite period of radio silence or is there a schedule of when the station may return? The remark about the upgrade being “very expensive” is not real encouraging. I may be tempted to donate, if the powers that be could become a little more specific about off the air time.

  2. Jill Boniske says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your comment. This time round it will be a short time off air, if we can raise approximately $7-8,000. It is a fairly simple fix (some filters for the transmitter), but as a nonprofit, any unforeseen expense can be problematic. As you probably know, it is easier to raise funds when you are on the air, but we have already raised a good part of it. So any contribution you could make now would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to write back, if you have more questions. And please share with others who are supporters.

    Jill Boniske
    Radio Committee, Co-chair