Corporate Corruption & Media Reform

Dear Friends of Independent Media:

“The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption” is an article in Wednesday’s New York Times, and it includes this sentence: “Perpetrators understandably do their best to hide the dirty deeds from public view.”

What this otherwise excellent article fails to mention is this:

It’s the job of independent journalism to pull back the curtain and expose the “dirty deeds” of corporate corruption.

Or as Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now!” says, independent journalists “go where the silence is” to report on what government and corporate elites don’t want us to know.

Corporate media produce stories to maintain a politically passive public, activated primarily to shop.

Independent media produce stories to create an informed public, activated to engage in public policy and civic life, even to the point of challenging the dominant corporate order.

Since 1996, only one organization in Western North Carolina has consistently fought BOTH for independent journalism and greater citizen-access to media. That organization is MAIN, the Mountain Area Information Network.

Now, MAIN is at a crossroads. We need your help.

Please support our “Media Independence for WNC” fund drive with a generous tax-deductible donation via our secure server.

Or mail your donation to: MAIN, 34 Wall Street, Suite 407, Asheville, NC 28801.

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For Media Independence!

The MAIN Staff and Board of Directors

PS – Stand by for news of MAIN-FM’s imminent return to the local airwaves with a much-improved signal!

PSS – If you are new to Western North Carolina, check out this “Timeline of MAIN’s Major Accomplishments, 1996-2012.”

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