MAIN sues FCC over open Internet rules

The Mountain Area Informational Network (MAIN) has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to overturn open Internet rules the agency approved in December, 2010.

MAIN, a non-profit Internet service provider based in Asheville, N.C., filed a petition for review on Sept. 26 with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Va.

The rules stem from an FCC order entitled “Preserving the Open Internet” and took effect Sept. 23 upon publication in the Federal Register. The rules aim to preserve the Internet as an open platform for innovation, investment, job creation, economic growth, competition and free expression. Affected parties have 10 days after the rules’ publication to seek a court review.

MAIN contends that the rules are flawed, unenforceable, and fail to achieve the goals of preserving Internet freedoms, said Wally Bowen, MAIN’s founder and executive director.

MAIN’s petition asks the federal court to overturn the FCC order and to direct the agency to revisit its rulemaking. “Our goal is to have the FCC strengthen these open Internet rules to make them meaningful and enforceable in order to preserve the Internet as an open platform for grassroots innovation,” said Bowen.

“The original genius of the Internet is that control resided with end-users, but deregulation eight years ago shifted control to network owners. These rules attempt to mitigate this power-shift, but they are flawed,” Bowen said.

In its petition, MAIN argues that the FCC’s rules treat wireless and landline networks differently, giving wireless network-owners more power to dictate what users can do on the Internet.

“Granting more power to wireless network-owners reduces mobile access to a second-class service, discriminates against low-income users who rely on mobile devices, and disadvantages rural areas where wireless is often the only broadband access available,” said Bowen.

He said the lawsuit could help raise public awareness of the need for enforceable rules-of-the-road to preserve the freedoms of grassroots innovation and expression that have made the Internet a revolutionary technology.

Founded in 1995, MAIN is one of the nation’s oldest nonprofit Internet service providers. In its lawsuit, MAIN is represented by the Media Access Project, a public interest law firm based in Washington D.C. END

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4 Responses to “MAIN sues FCC over open Internet rules”

  1. Way to go, Wally. We’re with you all the way.

  2. Carolyn Riley says:

    Way to go…it’s why I keep you as my internet provider!

  3. mac tidwell says:

    Thank you Mr.Bowen, for working to keep the internet open to all groups. We certainly don’t need to give more power to the wireless network-owners. Corporations are running the country in almost every area already, we don’t need to enable more of them to do it.

  4. Member says:

    Help could come in the form a new addition to government. The system doesn’t serve your interest because it is too busy serving special interest. Do you care? Wake up to these facts and realize that you must act if you want to go beyond the status quo. There are those that are still asleep and convinced in their beliefs that modern times don’t require a more reasonable and fitting form of control over government. They believe that the system for what may have worked for the government over a hundred years ago can’t be improved upon. They are wrong! It is inherently systemic in the process for government to be easily, continually and totally gamed by special interest. Yet, this can be changed and improved but it must be done systematically if the improvements are to last and not be subverted again and again by special interest! Actions speak louder than words. It is now time for action! If you are willing to take action read on?

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