Ooze Out Update: Feel to Reel

May 25, 2010 by onair

We are broadcasting live Tonight! Prepare to hear new hits by Woods, Fossils, Stellar Om Source, Jim Ferraro and reels and reels of tape from the underground. We’re On Air so leave your windows open!

ooze out!

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This week on Systemic Effect: host commentary

May 22, 2010 by onair

This week on Systemic Effect is a host commentary.

Topics of the commentary:  the BP oil spill, how our cultures is like a big dysfunctional family, American mythologies about the economy and poverty, the continued existence of racial inequality, the interconnectedness between spirituality and activism,  power-over vs. power-with structures, the changing of the ages, how change happens, whether or not change is actually possible, how personal healing is similar to cultural paradigm shifting, peak oil and re-localization movements.

Systemic Effect is on MAIN-FM 103.5 from 8-9AM Sunday mornings, and can also be streamed live at mainfm.org

Archives of Systemic Effect are available at SystemicEffect.org.  Feedback is very welcome at systemiceffect@main.nc.us

Thank you and have a transformative day!


Systemic Effect this week: Shauna Aura

May 16, 2010 by onair

This week’s Systemic Effect features an interview with Shauna Aura.  Shauna teaches ritual arts, community building and leadership arts.   Topics of the interview include how community building and leadership arts are the same, the benefits of ritual and the art of living a passion.

This interview is available at SystemicEffect.org

Feedback is always welcome at systemiceffect@main.nc.us

Systemic Effect this week: Starhawk

May 2, 2010 by onair

This week on Systemic Effect, we will be talking with Starhawk, Pagan author and activist.  We will be talking about what Paganism is, the intersections of magic and activism, Permaculture (including composting toilets), consciousness shifting, and the Pagan worldview as it relates to environmental activism.

You can listen at MAIN-FM from 8-9AM Sunday morning, stream live at mainfm.org or listen to archives anytime after that at SystemicEffect.org

Also, I am very interested in your feedback, which can be directed to SystemicEffect.main.nc.us

Thank you, and have a transformative day!