Local activists arrested in W. Virginia for mountaintop removal protest

June 22, 2009 by Wally Bowen

Join us for this Summer Solstice news special featuring coverage of local activists arrested June 17 during a mountaintop removal protest in West Virginia. The half-hour broadcast also includes commentary by MAIN executive director Wally Bowen on the future of MAIN and WPVM. The coal country interview features local citizen journalist Kurt Mann and clean energy activist Dave Hollister. Both the interview and Kurt Mann’s dramatic video footage of activists climbing a Massey Coal Co. dragline machine can be found in the MAIN homepage spotlight at: http://www.main.nc.us.

Ooze Out Update: The Candyman

June 16, 2009 by onair

Tonight, tune in for a very special episode of the Ooze Out Program, “The Candy Man”, broadcast from a secret location. Listen in as we inject the analog ooze into our digital culture (that means real records and tapes folks). It’s raining right now so who knows? Maybe you’ll get to ride a nocturnal transparent rainbow!

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