May 26, 2009 by onair

Tonight! on the Ooze Out Program our special guest will be Asheville artist Michael Iauch (pronounced yah). Iauch makes process drawings from mold, dirt, salt water, sweat and river water. We will speak with artist about his new exhibition WHALE MOUNTAIN OCEAN (get details below) which opens friday June 5th at S. Tucker Cooke Gallery on the UNCA campus. The exhibit will include an 6 by18 foot whale created by oozing milk mold onto twenty seven separate canvases.

Tonight ‘s show will also feature new music from the woods, dolphins into the future, james ferrao and Aaron Dilloway, as well as blasts form the past from Giorgio Moroder, Kluster and Gelatinous Cube

Michael Iauch
Whale Mountain Ocean

Friday, June 5, 2009

6:00pm – 9:00pm
UNC-A Cooke Gallery
117 Owen Hall
Asheville, NC
On display through June 19th.
Gallery open 9am-9pm.

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Ooze Out Update: Leave your windows open, Tonight!

May 19, 2009 by onair

Join us tonight! for new music from Michigan, Belgium and Beyond. Broadcasting from a secret location, near you? wE’RE IN YOUR HOUSE oozing out from behind the furniture.

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Ooze Out Update: Demonoid

May 5, 2009 by onair

The temperature is risin` and exitement`s in the air
Girls buy new bikinis and beauticians dye their hair
Health clubs are overcrowded with young men
Concerned and unhappy with conditions that they`re in

So hey Jack you better get right
Or Jill won`t be impressed
Hey Jill you better get right
Cause Jack expects the best

Tommy Roe

We have been in Tasmania for the last month. Thank you listeners for all the concerned e-mails about the repeats. Tonight we will be back with brand new injection of heavy analog ooze including the new album by the Magik Markers, cassette blasts from Color Dream, Pax Titania, Green mist, Cornucopia and some possible special guests. We want to touch you in the night. So leave your windows open!

We love you Dr. Filth!!!

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