Your Flight to Rock City Leaves Tonight at 8pm

April 21, 2009 by onair

Your faithful, loving and caring Pilots, Lo and Steve, are prepping for takeoff tonight at 8pm for your direct flight to ROCK CITY, USA.  Tonight we start a new series of secret word themes based on color.  Guess the color and win a prize.  A shiny shiny prize.  Also, we have a special and poignant birthday tribute for our beloved co-pilot, Steve.  AND lots of new music you will only hear on WPVM.  It is a non-stop hit parade.

So, pack your bags, throw your troubles away for a couple of hours, and fly to your vacation wonderland courtesy of WPVM Airlines.


April 7, 2009 by onair

Won’t you join your friendly pilots Steve and Lo tonight from 8-10 for your direct connection to Rock City, USA.  Tonight we will be playing new music from Dan deacon, oldies from the Dead Kennedys, and featuring an exclusive all lounge set.  Guess the secret word and become a virtual DJ!!

Pre-boarding starts at 8 from gate 103.5.  sit back, buckle up, have a drink and enjoy the ride.