WPVM Update

March 30, 2009 by Wally Bowen

To Our Listeners:

We have hired a veteran audio engineer to create an upgrade plan for WPVM’s broadcast studio, which will greatly improve our ability to operate the station and reduce programming glitches.  This upgrade will be done in phases over the next 30 days.

Meanwhile, we are pleased to announce the addition of “The People’s Pharmacy” to our programming line-up. This popular alternative healing show is produced in Chapel Hill and heard on more than 100 public and community radio stations nationwide.  Its broadcast day and time on WPVM will be announced following the first-phase of our studio upgrade in April.

We have long wanted an alternative healing program on WPVM, and we’re delighted to secure a program of the caliber of The People’s Pharmacy.  We also know that our community has a wealth of alternative healing talent, and we would welcome proposals for locally-produced programs in this important field.  Proposals and queries may be sent to:  programming@main.nc.us.

Meanwhile, we are seeking to hire a part-time, interim station manager while we conduct a national search for a new, full-time position of Community Radio/New Media Manager.

We appreciate your patience during this time of transition.  WPVM exists for our listeners and is a critical part of MAIN’s media reform strategic vision.  Since its founding in 1995, MAIN has continued to be in the forefront of the growing media reform movement.  We greatly appreciate your support for this important pioneering work.

Wally Bowen
Executive Director

Off the Record- Friday from 9-noon

March 12, 2009 by onair

Allergies got you down?  Medicine making you drowsy, irritable, snotnosed?  Tune into Off the Record on Friday from 9-noon to get your mind off the mucus and into the music.  LOTS oh new stuff coming your way.


Your direct flight to Rock City is leaving tonight at 8:00 EST on Tuesday Night Flights

March 3, 2009 by onair

Don’t be late for your boarding call!

Please join your warm and caring pilots, Steve and Lo, for Asheville’s only direct flight to Rock City, USA.  Tonight we have some truly amazing in-flight entertainment, including a SECRET MUSICAL GENRE, brand new music that you will only hear on WPVM, and countless minutes of witty and engaging banter.  Fly the friendly skies on Tuesday Night Flights, brought to you proudly by the good folks at WPVM Airlines.