Mark Strand reads for RiverSculpture

November 29, 2008 by onair

Way back in late September, Mark Strand (that Mark Strand – former Poet Laureate, MacArthur Fellowship winner, and on and on, arguably one of the most celebrated poets of the last fifty years) visited Asheville to read for the benefit for RiverSculpture, a cause near and dear to the hearts of his old friends Robert and Arlene Winkler. He actually read twice, once at the home of Ron and Nancy Edgerton, and then again at the local Barnes & Noble. Your intrepid reporter had to head to Hickory for the Spirit of Black Mountain College festival on the 25th, so couldn’t record the B&N event, but did catch the private reading the night before. This week’s Wordplay features that reading.

I’ve included part of a 2007 reading at George Mason University, as well, one in which Strand gave a more chronological overview of his work.

It’s fascinating work, of course. I’d read most of his poems through the years quietly, to myself, and hearing him in person made me aware that I’d missed much of the music. Note to self: poetry needs to be sounded out. Always, no matter how ratiocinative and logopoetic (in Pound’s sense) it might appear.

Robert and Arlene were on hand for the show, and gave listeners out in radioland a primer on RiverSculpture and its mission, and some background on Strand and the readings.

Give it a listen.


Absolute Slacken is on Saturdays at 7pm

November 27, 2008 by onair

“Absolute Slacken” is now on Saturday nights, just after “Jazz Caravan” and right before “Drop Beats Not Bombs.” “Paris of the South” is now rebroadcast Sundays at 6pm.

Loosen up as Easy Mark helps you relax with groovy music, thought provoking interviews, audio mash ups, and “Last Word! Commentaries” you won’t hear nearly anywhere else on the radio.

The Wally Nouveau has arrived !

November 26, 2008 by onair

After the interview , Wally compared me as “a french Mike Wallace ” compliment or insult ? I don’t know, but this mental wrestling for truth and forgiveness has exhausted me .I felt that we both could not really listen deeply to each other, however a therapeutic process has begun and I am glad I made the call. This was definitively a weird interview, rough, feisty and eloquent at time ! Enjoy the show !!

I want to believe that a new Wally is brewing for 2009 and hope the best for our Station and MAIN . He who lives will see !

(Isn’t a great picture by the way !)
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November 25, 2008 by onair

Hi. I’m Peter Poffenberger. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will be hosting the Dr. Awesome Show. The show’s host Jason Holland is away on holiday. I feel honored and challenged by this assignment and pledge to bring you the very best show possible and provide a co-host almost as foxy and magical as Stephanie. So tune in !

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Making Progress: News for a Change, Adieu.

November 24, 2008 by onair

A bunch of ideas to save OUR (small) world.

November 20, 2008 by onair

A world of thanks first to those who show up (170) at the Public Hearing in Reynolds regarding the impact of the CLIFFS on our water quality .

This week the Paris of the South radio hour invite you to go to GRENOBLE to visit the 2nd debating forum organized by the leading French paper “Liberation” . Amongst the subjects being discussed during the three day event were the food crisis, ecology, and aid to the developing world.

Then we still stay in PAris to hear a special on CONCIERGES , an endengered heritage, an easy solution to bring life , humanity and enhance our social life in those condo and apartments complex . A great idea for ASHEVILLE ! Courtoisy of RadioFrance International!

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Ooze Out Right Now!

November 18, 2008 by onair

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