“Best of” Cover Songs on Off the Record

August 17, 2008 by onair

This week on Off the Record we’ll feature the best of cover songs played since the show began back in January!  You’ll hear Hot Hot Heat covering Amy Winehouse, Bat for Lashes singing the the Cure, Radiohead’s tribute to Bjork, Bjork covering Joni Mitchell, Grizzly Bear covering Paul Simon, Throw Me the Statue hitting up some Huey Lewis…the list goes on!!  Tune in Monday from 9-noon!!

Today on Listen 2 Women, 4-5pm

August 14, 2008 by onair

From Tanzania to downtown Asheville.  Today’s Listen 2 Women features two live interviews.  First, Leah and Shelley will speak with Connie Naber, founder of the Karama Connection, a non-profit supporting the St. Lucia Children’s Home in Tanzania.  The home cares for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  For more information, go to www.karamaconnection.org.  You can also read Leah’s full interview with Naber in the Fall 2008 issue of Breathe magazine (an insert in Blue Ridge Outdoors). 

Closer to home, we’ll talk with Claudia Nix, co-owner of Liberty Bicycles and a member of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Task Force.  We’ll hear about her work locally, specifically bike corrals at downtown events. 

Tune in from 4-5pm today, Thursday, August 14 for the show.  If you miss any part, you can check WPVM’s archives.  Listen 2 Women is a forum for women’s voices — tune in to hear unique women’s stories, music, and commentary.

Free The Airwaves

August 14, 2008 by onair

In this historic election year, MAIN and WPVM are working on two critical and related issues:

*Solving the rural broadband problem and preserving Internet freedom

*Fixing the WPVM signal problem and expanding local voices on the public airwaves.

We need your help! Both of these battles to “Free the Airwaves” are happening NOW in Washington.

We need your tax-deductible donations to ensure that our voices are heard in Congress and at the FCC.

Please give today and help MAIN and WPVM continue our record of media reform achievements!

Current MAIN/WPVM efforts your dollars will support:

*MAIN is working with the Media & Democracy Coalition and the Wireless Innovation Coalition to get FCC approval in October for use of the vacant TV channels, which come available next February when TV goes digital. This spectrum is critical for solving the rural broadband problem and providing a high-speed alternative to the cable and telco duopoly.

*MAIN is working to pass the Community Radio Act in Congress, which would free the airwaves and allow WPVM to fix its signal problem – and allow more communities to launch low-power FM radio stations.

*MAIN is working to make Asheville a “Wi-Fi City” to boost economic development, small business incubation, digital job training – and to reach low-wealth, underserved neighborhoods.
*MAIN is perfecting one of the nation’s first alternative media business models based on a simple principle: Give citizens the option of spending their Internet dollars to support local, independent media.

More on MAIN

The Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN) is a non-profit, community-based provider of wireless Internet services. Since 1996, MAIN’s public-service achievements include:

*the first local Internet access in 14 counties of Western North Carolina
*the first public Internet access in libraries and community centers in 12 counties of WNC
*recycled computers and free or reduced-fee Internet access for more than 400 citizens with disabilities
*helped create the local nonprofit fiber network, ERC Broadband
*boosted disaster-recovery efforts via a pioneering partnership with local ham radio operators
*is leading the fight in Congress and at the FCC for high-speed Internet access in rural North Carolina – and the nation
*a national leader in preserving Internet freedom and online privacy
*led the decade-long effort to create URTV, the first and only public access TV station in WNC
*returned local voices to the airwaves via radio station WPVM 103.5 FM -“the Progressive Voice of the Mountains”
*unique business model: allow citizens to spend their Internet dollars to support local voices, privacy, and community self-help.

The Z movie, Melina Mercouri , Greece, oil, and feta on top, please !

August 13, 2008 by onair


In the opening credits there is a counter-disclaimer which reads : “Any resemblance to real events, to persons living or dead, is not accidental. It is DELIBERATE.”In 1963, Grigorios Lambrakis,  a popular leftist Member of the Greek Parliament, was assassinated in Thesssaloniki by goons employed by the extreme Right. Eventually the right-wing establishment fell and a precarious democracy was established, only to lead to a coup on April 1967, by a military junta. The colonels’ dictatorship lasted for 7 years.

Also this week on THE PARIS OF THE SOUTH RADIO HOUR , meet  Melina Mercouri commitment to Democratie (isn’t a greek word?) , plus plus  fresh new blood on WPVM . Michel Guicheney new partner of the show and , Steven VARNI writer who have an idea about a writer’s radio show . 

Plus PLUS !!

Oil crisis in France: problem or opportunity ?  

With oil prices hitting the roof, exploring for a few nuggets of black gold has never been so attractive, even in France! But since oil resources are finite, we should already be thinking about life after oil. Alison Hird from RFI reports on the diverse impact of the oil crisis. 



Ooze Out Update: Leslie Keffer “Everything I do is analog”

August 11, 2008 by onair

Ooze Out!
special guest

Leslie Keffer

Tonight, Tuesday August 12th, Peter Poffenberger and Byron Browne will be speaking with experimental music maker Leslie Keffer. Leslie is on the verge of releasing her second full length lp, Give it up, on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic peace label (her first was last year’s Feels like Frenching). She continues to release many records and tapes on smaller labels and play around the world. She will be appearing at this weekends Voices of the Vally festival at secret location in the woods of West Virginia. Heavy levels, guaranteed.

Listen to the
Ooze Out Program

Tuesdays at 10 pm
103.5 FM Asheville

The Late Great Isaac Hayes

August 11, 2008 by onair

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Tune in to Let Loose the Kraken!! Monday night from 8-10pm as Farmer pays tribute to a truly legendary pioneer of American music, Isaac Hayes, upon his untimely passing. The Grammy and Oscar Award winning soundtrack to “Shaft” as well as many other classic soul selections will be featured tonight.

Special guests The Poles on Off the Record

August 10, 2008 by onair

This week on Off the Record I’ll be interviewing Asheville’s own The Poles who are playing a Local Showcase this week.  They will be sharing tracks off of their first full length debut yet to be titled or released!!  As always we’ll be checking out new tunes and talking about today in history.

Tune in every week on Monday’s from 9am-noon or check out archives at our archives page!!