July 30, 2008 by onair


  •  BELE CHERE  – A moment I will always remember from Bele Chere,  is   one with the crowd silently massed around  picketers on Place de La Concorde, pardon me, Place Vance.  Imagine the scene.  One man is holding the usual  ” Homosexuality is  Sin ” banner.  Next to him, shoulder to shoulder,  another man  holds another one ” Proud of my Homosexuality”.   Bele Chere was a place of intense solitude …
  • CICADA – Some of those alien insects have not returned to  their spaceships, and like ET, they are still vibrating around.  I  invite you to hear the special report I did for WPVM/Paris of the South radio hour  in June when the first neighbors discovered the site of the landing.
  • The European Philosophy Festival : The French economy may be gloomy but you can still have fun with philosophy.  A special festival in Saint- Emilion near  Bordeaux where the theme is… happiness. 

 ALSO meet the PLEASERS , Philippe Katerine, oldelaf , Mrs Sarkozy singing and CACTUS …. Click here to listen to the show  


July 29, 2008 by onair

The shooter in the Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church told police he targeted them because “all liberals should be killed.” Investigators confiscated three books from his home:

“The O’Reilly Factor,” by television commentator Bill O’Reilly; “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder,” by radio personality Michael Savage; and “Let Freedom Ring,” by political pundit Sean Hannity

read the entire article here.

Making Progress: News for a Change, July 28th, 2008

July 28, 2008 by onair

We’re operating on a post-Bele Chere, reduced power basis this week.

We’ll re-run last weeks interview with Buncombe County Vice-Chair David Gantt, primarily on the Parkside issue, and we’ll let you know the latest on that front.

But first, Cecil joins us with a story on the death penalty, and those innocent people caught up in the sometimes-unfair justice system.

This local news and public affairs show focuses on underreported information and encourages civic activism. Tune in live 7-8 pm Monday, catch the 1 pm Tuesday rebroadcast, or stream or podcast.

Dance With Me on Your Mom’s Idea

July 28, 2008 by onair

Just to clear up any rumors that may have been started by jealous people walking by the Orange Peel at 1:30 a.m. Friday morning….Becky did not run off and get married to Rhett Miller, lead singer of the Old 97’s…but you can’t blame a guy for trying.Because of blown fuses on stage, the group didn’t get to play their single, “Dance With Me.” Listen in Monday from 2 to 4 to hear the song, and lots of other fun tunes that will make you want to jump out of your chair and boogie. See more great pictures from our rock star adventure as well as links and playlists here.

Wordplay welcomes Jeffery Beam

July 25, 2008 by onair

Hillsborough poet Jeffery Beam was in town last weekend for Loco Logodaedalist, the celebration of Jonathan Williams’ work hosted Saturday night by the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, so I talked him into coming into the micro-studio at WPVM to talk about his work. He read a few poems from his Visions of Dame Kind (Jargon, 1995), a book whose vision I’ve long admired, but we spent much of the program reading and discussing poems from his new (as in brand new) The Beautiful Tendons, Uncollected Queer Poems 1969-2007 (White Crane Books, 2008). It’s a fine, emotionally searching and honest, collection of love poems – when we’re in the kingdom of love, it doesn’t matter whom we see as the other, the same rules pertain, and this book limns them with a forthright grace.

Several of Jeffery’s poems have found musical settings, so we discussed the relation of music and poem, and Jeffery, in honor of his lifetime love of the old songs he grew up in Kannapolis singing, and which he feels still inform his work, closed the show with a remarkable rendition of the old Methodist hymn “In the Garden”.

If you don’t yet know his work, here are three poems from Beautiful Tendons that he read on the show, just to give you a glimpse:

TWO LOVES This is my lesson in humility. My lesson in grief. My lesson in the cruelty of the human heart, my own. Trudging through deep southern snow: finding both of your faces frozen in the white. Sparrows still singing in the shrubbery. I could not say it then. I cannot say it now. My heart split in two. A tree limb weighted by ice. A white quiet and protective. A white dangerously warm. My hands spiritless in the drifts. Why do birds continue to sing? LOVE COMES not silent, but noisy and indiscreet, rowdy and persistent. He comes in leaf fall. musty earth in his palms. Held out to me I can do nothing but take it, and take it gladly, earth being the one coolness other than water to be enjoyed. The fact of the matter is this: tomorrow he may come silent. Tomorrow may be love quiet as mist, but today, his cheeks rough with new hairs, I smell furrows of new fields. I turn over fertile soil. I hear burrowing insects, happy worms. I taste the gentle, crude, excavating damp. The stain of love upon the earth! Stain of love! His sleep rattling me. His sunrise and breath awakening me. THAT NIGHT That body tree on a misty hill That face fawn with dark eyes That full moon surrounded by evening skies That hour pavement ending in dust That grass green with summer's black-green That night coming over us with its breath That sound crickets singing at eye level That body me on the ground with their song That body another touching me with fire That fire round as the moon burning as the sun That face fawn with dark eyes That you speaking in tongues unknown and green That sound crickets singing in my ear That body tree on a misty hill

There were many more, so give the show a listen. Given that Asheville will be in the throes of Bele chere this weekend, it’ll be available through Sunday, August 3rd, at WPVM’s Archive page (just scroll down to Wordplay) as on-demand stream and download.


The show opened with McCoy Tyner playing “Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit” from the 2007 release McCoy Tyner Quartet. We also heard three of Billy Holiday’s classic performances, “Easy to Love,” “Life Begins When You’re in Love,” and “Summertime,” all from Lady Day: The Master Takes and Singles. Keith Jarrett’s “Paint My heart Red,” from the 2006 The Carnegie Hall Concert: Selections for Radio, took the show out.




The photo of Jeffery is by M. J. Sharp.

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Guest interview with Conjuring Evolution

July 24, 2008 by onair

on Drop Beats Not Bombs, this Saturday night, 8-10.  West Coast MC and filmmaker Conjuring Evolution has opened for the likes of KRS-One.  His live performances include stream-of-consciousness style emceeing over live percussion beats, keeping it real with the positive, socially and politically conscious hip hop movement.  He is in Asheville and will be our featured guest this Saturday night, July 26th, and of course archived Sunday for one week. 


July 23, 2008 by onair

Bonjour a tous et a toutes, last week we had an hour conversation through the phone line , today in the Paris of the South radio hour we are going, first, to hang up the phone , open the window and look at the picture. Do you feel like singing ? If you do, you will certainly realized that without the presence of our little critters called birds flying around , the human kind would simply scream , growl , snore and howling around .I know you are telling me , that’s what we are doing most of the time ….but , but …. someone someday did listen to the birds and started whistling and then carefully started to sing .So today homage to the birds . As usual, the show will not be interrupted . Allez enjoy the singing …. Look at the picture .…We are screaming again so it is time to get inspired. One last time . CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW NOW !