Making Progress: Do You Know Where Your Fourth Amendment Went? Parkside Saga Continues (We Need You!)

June 30, 2008 by onair

Making Progress for June 30 and July 1: County Commission addressed Parkside on Tuesday. What really happened? What’s next? Gordon Smith of and regular host Veronika Gunter discuss. Nationwide, the new law on wiretapping is scarier than you think. Regular host David Lynch analyzes and explains, citing a dozen reputable sources he’ll share. This local news & public affairs program shares un-reported and underreported information and analysis and encourages YOU to get active. Live 7 pm Mondays, rebroadcast 1 pm Tuesday, podcasting all the time from our archives.

Take action: tell your commissioners what you want—all but Young are seeking your vote this November:;;;;;

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Touched by An Alien

June 30, 2008 by onair

You may have been and not even know it…find out the five questions you should ask yourself to be sure- if you answer yes to four of them, chances are you’ve been touched by an alien.  Listen to Your Mom’s Idea today from 2-4 to hear us discuss the possibility of life on other planets and play new music by Kleerup, Girl Talk, and a few tracks from the amazing “Exile In Guyville” by Liz Phair- the special 15th year anniversary edition of the disc was just released. Check out our myspace here and our blog with links to great articles about life on other planets or just life in general here.  

Wordplay: Nan Watkins presents Yvan Goll

June 30, 2008 by onair

A little over six months ago, in early December, translator and poet Nan Watkins shared her translations of some of Alsatian poet Yvan Goll’s work with us on Wordplay. At the time, Wordplay was just a half-hour show, but the station had given us the green light to move to our current hour format beginning in January. I really wanted to hear more about her project, and thought the longer show would provide the room to really explore it, so I invited her to come back to the studio to record some further conversation later that month. She accepted, and this week’s show finally airs a more complete presentation of her work with Goll’s poems, especially the last volume, Das Traumkraut (she translates the title as The Dream Weed).

Goll really did help define Surrealism, and wrote some stunning poems in the process. If you don’t know his work (and there’s been little published in English), do click over to hear what the lady has to say.

The show is available 24/7 from the station archive page as both a stream and podcast.

Mercury always seems to be retrograde at WPVM, and during the live broadcast today, one of the CD players just stopped mid-track; by the time I’d cycled power to the machine and persuaded it to resume reading the disk, I realized I’d have to leave out some of the interview with Watkins to avoid going over our time slot. When I got to the production room to edit, though, I added the track back in, and added another song clip to boot.

Music for today’s show included Django Reinhardt, from some 1949 sessions with Stephan Grappelli, playing “Minor Swing” and “The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise”; Oscar Allemann, another pre-war master of Paris bandstands, playing “Stardust”; and Maurice Ravel’s “Alborada del Gracioso” – all music Yvan and Claire Goll might have come across during their years in that great city.




The photo of Goll comes from Yes, there really is a site for everything.

Sirens’ Muse Best of 2008 so far…

June 29, 2008 by onair

Since the year’s half way through, we thought we’d run down what what we’ve liked best from the 2008 female vocalist releases so far. Check out the archive stream and/or the playlist for the Sirens’ Muse 6/29/08 show . Visit our webpage at xoxAJ

Robert Creeley this week on Wordplay

June 25, 2008 by onair

It’s no secret that I see Robert Creeley one of the essential poets of the last fifty years. From early to late, his work opened new territories of mind and heart for poetry; I believe his fine ear and remarkable articulation of the rhythms of American speech insure that folks will still be reading his poems centuries from now.

In the 70s and 80s I recorded several Creeley readings on my trusty Uher 4400, but it recorded in a unique four track monaural format that makes the tapes playable only on a like machine, and mine needs repair. For the Father’s Day show now up on the archive, then, I selected readings from among the many recordings at the ever-expanding Creeley archive at PennSound. The show begins with poems recorded at Black Mountain College in 1954 and poems from the same period (a few the very same poems) recorded at readings at Chicago’s The Second City in 1961 and at Harvard in 1966. These were all clearly recorded on analogue tape, and transferred after the tapes had become somewhat degraded. I cleaned them up as best as I could for the show, but there’s still some audible hiss; I also had to edit out the “f*ck” in “Ballad of the Despairing Husband,” since the FCC still considers that a word you can’t say on the radio.

Most of the show, though, focuses on Creeley’s middle and later work, from Pieces on. Perhaps that’s just because I met him in 1968, the year Scribners brought out that collection, and so simply find in this work the voice I knew. From then till the end of his life he often worked in what became his long form, the serial suite. I’ve included “The Finger” and “Follow the Drinking Gourd” from a 1974 reading at Vermont’s Goddard College; the complete “Histoire de Florida,” from a 1995 Buffalo reading; “En Famille” from a 2000 reading at his Maine home, and “Wild Nights” from the same occasion; and two poems from a 2000 reading at the University of Pennsylvania, “Myself” and “Where Late the Sweet Bird Sang”.

Did Bob ever write about music? He sometimes worked with musicians, of course, but I don’t remember ever talking with him about music, and have no idea what he listened to day in and day out; I had to wing the soundscape. The show kicks off with a version of Miles Davis’ “So What?” recorded at the Blackhawk in San Francisco (Miles was a big favorite at Black Mountain), and the other music featured in the program includes bits of “Stating Intention” from Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai’s Migration; “So Long Michael” from Pierre Bensusan’s Intuite; and Debussy’s La Mer, performed by the Orcestra of Radio Luxembourg, Rolf Reinhardt conductor.

Click on over to the Archive page , scroll down to Wordplay, and check it out.



The photo was taken by Joel Kuzai at Creeley’s home in Providence, RI, in 2004.

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Special: Menage a trois: CARLIN, GOD & CAMPBELL

June 25, 2008 by onair


This week in the Paris of the South radio hour , a perfect menage a trois , I invited three characters ,three free spirits . .carlin

  • GEORGE CARLIN / to come to my radio show I had to remove George Carlin, from heaven , you know, the topless bar by the airport ..
  • JOSEPH CAMPBELL / My hero, real translator of the meaning of all religions. He can change your life! His philosophy is often identified with the phrase he coined: “Follow Your Bliss”.
  • GOD/”…You found God? If nobody claims him in thirty days, he’s yours! ” ~Author Unknown
  • …Enjoy! click here to listen to the show now!
  • Fresh Afternoon Slacken – Check It!

    June 25, 2008 by onair

    (On-air Tuesdays at 2PM — Archived Wednesdays at 2AM) Your host, Easy Mark, lays some dope hip hop music on ya — interviews Molly and Lucia, co-hosts of Drop Beats Not Bombs (on-air Saturdays at 8PM) — and hits all y’all with Grill Skill. For real! Tune in and figure it out for yourself. Yo!

    Word! The Last Word commentary from Mumia Abu Jamal – Homeland and Hip Hop.

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