Bullet Technology is Complicated

Indianmeal moths usually feed on the exposed surface of the stored grain mass. Tune in, no, tune way in to The Doctor Awesome Show in the WPVM archives and find out how to destroy them (hint: you cant!).

This week we hear new music from Spires That In The Sunset Rise and Drakkar Sauna, and old music from Pretty Poison and Noel. We also enter the planning phases for the Doctor Awesome Skate-o-tron Mega-Party, discuss what we all had for lunch, our favorite playground equipment, learn about hidden satanic messages in Jay-Z music, and get a special visit from AJ from WPVM’s Sirens’ Muse.

More of the usual phone-calls from listeners, trailers for bad movies, too much talking.. everything you’ve come to expect. Check out the show if you’ve never heard it, we play this one song made out of beehive sounds – that’s something, right?

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