Making Progress today: guest co-host Gordon Smith, Asheville-Buncombe Clean Up, Spitzer’s Spunk

March 31, 2008 by onair

Tune at 7 pm Monday and 1 pm Tuesday for local and national news and analysis with Barry Summers, Veronika Gunter, and David Lynch. Special guest co-host: Scrutiny Hooligans Gordon Smith. Allison McGehee of Quality Forward tells us about this week’s Clean Up and how this neighborhood-based campaign also tackles the big environmental problems. We may cover the Parkside development, Asheville-Buncombe Clean Up, Why Spitzer was targeted for a takedown, and David’s blog.

Wordplay this week

March 29, 2008 by onair

We’ll be repeating last week’s show with Jonathan Williams. We’ve repeated shows before, usually when something’s gone haywire with the station’s automatic archiving system, and the show hasn’t uploaded properly to the server from which it streams and downloads. This week … well, Sebastian’s in Seattle, and I’ve been busy with Robert Bly’s performance last night and workshop today, and at show time Sunday, I’ll be recording Kay Byer, North Carolina’s Poet Laureate, giving a reading at the Asheville Art Museum. So.

The show we’ll be repeating features Jonathan’s May, 2005, reading from Jubilant Thicket at Sylva’s City Lights Books, and it probably won’t hurt anyone to hear it again. In fact, listen to those meta-fours again, and see if they aren’t even better the second time around. The man could be subtle and very very dry, after all.

Production notes are over at NatureS.

The upside: we’ve got what looks to be a good recording of Bly’s fine, plugged-in performance with Free Planet Radio Friday night, and a half- hour interview from Saturday afternoon as well.

Back next week with a new show, promise.

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stunt cipher mayhem

March 29, 2008 by onair


Free form surgery—

Don’t miss it.

bird dog


Special Spring…..birdie num num !

March 26, 2008 by onair


Birdie num num : Name of bird food used by Peter Sellers in the movie “The Party”.
“Um, birdie num nums.” Peter Sellers mutters as he empties the box into the cage…

Spring party on THE PARIS OF THE SOUTH RADIO HOUR this week .
Available in the archives for one week .
To listen now , click “Um, birdie num nums.”

Veterans’ Voices for March 26, 2008 Part 2 of Noam Chomsky!!!

March 26, 2008 by onair

Noam Chomsky stops by (well…via phone anyway) and he we ask him some tough questions. This is the second half of the interview and we aired the first half on March 19th. Watch video testimony from Winter Soldier at

We also try something new this week. Join Kenneth Ash, VFP’s current president, Ronald Harayda and Kindra Phillips as they discuss a couple of today’s top stories for Veterans.

Look for Winter Soldier coverage next week. We will play some sections that were not aired on Democracy Now! last week.

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Afternoon Slacken – Drum n Bass Meltdown

March 25, 2008 by onair

Prepare to loosen up with groovy music, commentaries, and mash ups (two or more songs mixed together to create a special new song). This time your host – Easy Mark has curated lots of Drum n Bass mash ups by DJ Aggro1.

Word! The last word, a remixed Prison Radio commentary from Mumia Abu Jamal – Beyond Parties, Beyond Elections.

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Making Progress: News for a Change, Mar. 24, 2008

March 24, 2008 by onair

Breaking news!

You heard it here first: Remember how pissed you were when you heard that Buncombe County had sold park land to a private developer in November of 2006? Did then-Asheville Director of Planning and Development Scott Shuford KNOW IN ADVANCE that this outrageous giveaway was in the works? Download the relevant PDF here (scroll down to page 10-12). We’ll have a discussion, you bet!

Also, David will talk about World Water Day, and um, water. He’ll also wade into the gushing font of cynical disregard flowing out of the front of Dick Cheney’s head. So?

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