Today on Listen 2 Women

January 31, 2008 by onair

Listen 2 Women has a new timeslot!  Tune in from 4-5 pm every Thursday afternoon.   Today, we’ll have a conversation with Dorisse Neale, Registered Nurse and Respiratory Educator.  We’ll learn about the Buteyko Breathing Method and hear her thoughts on why there is a global asthma crisis and why so many children (and adults) are now dying from it.  As a mother and former midwife in rural Virginia, we’ll intertwine her experiences in health and wellness with personal and societal transformation.   Listen 2 Women is a forum for women’s voices on WPVM 103.5 FM in Asheville and online at  Tune in every Thursday, from 4-5 pm for feminist* perspectives on local and national issues including politics, culture, health, and media. Hear in-depth interviews, news & information, music, and more. A collective of hosts bring you this weekly program.  *Feminism: The belief that women are human beings, and the movement to establish human rights for all people.                                                                                                                

WPVM Off The Air

January 31, 2008 by onair

WPVM will have a power outage today due to renovations at the Vanderbilt Building downtown. Don’t panic. We’ll be back up by 1:00 p.m.

Update: We’re back on the air. Thank you for your patience.

January 30, 2008 by onair


Nighttime Swerve radio invites you to…

January 30, 2008 by onair

doin it in the park

Permit secured. Bring a friend or two. Heck, maybe this guy will even be there again.

Earthtone Soundsystem gained notoriety in Atlanta during the mid 90’s for its free outdoor renegade parties in Piedmont Park. Usually on Sunday afternoons, these events drew quite a diverse crowd and exposed lots of people to the house music vibe. Since then the Earthone DJs have spread out across the US but their mission remains the same. Crank up the sound system and play some dance music for the masses!

Pritchard Park is located right in the heart of downtown Asheville, wedged between Patton Ave and College St.

Click here for videos of past events! >

There will be a WPVM / MAIN table set up to help raise awareness about our organizations! Volunteers are welcome to hang out and talk with the public!

Veterans’ Voices 1-30-08

January 30, 2008 by onair

This week on Veterans’ Voices we interview Vietnam Vet, Bob Feldmann and his daughter Leena Feldmann and how their close relationship keeps each other grounded and on track in their search for peace.

Our arts segment features a piece by the Southeast Regional Coordinator for Iraq Veterans Against the War, Clif Hicks.

The following are links to stories we cover and other news of interest to Vets.


el Larko esta LOCO !!

January 29, 2008 by onair

Here’s a preview of what you can hear live tonight or on website’s archive all week long (link at bottom.) For weeks & weeks I’ve been diving into a lot of electronica, ambient & other forays. Well, I’ve been ignoring my RAWK side & it’s high time to RAWK, damn it !!So expect 90 minutes of energetic goodness. Then, later we’ll sautee in some moodier stuff.

~ Here’s a samplin’ ~

Fred Thomas – New indie rock fella from the Detroit area. He’s also in a band called ‘Saturday Looks Good to Me’… unique vocals on top of music that goes all over the place.

Tyler Ramsey – Why ? cuz here’s an Ashevillian & seems to breaking into the mainstream w/ his brand new release. Recently was on NPR’s ‘World Cafe’ program. Gorgeous vocals, instrumentation & songs (do you like Rufus Wainwright, Robyn Hitchcock & the like ?)

led zep – the slits – morphine – east river pipe & a random 1970 tune or two that should tickle you !

miss it live ? Starting Wed. click

Making Progress Today

January 28, 2008 by onair

Hear neighborhood activists respond to today’s announcements by Staples and The City of Asheville. go to Guest host Mike Hopping reports on plutonium shipments through Asheville. David Lynch provides news and analysis of the economy (recession, anyone?). Barry reports on his trip to Florida to punch Rudy Guliani in the nose. Also, City Council has a community meeting Tuesday night–tune in here, then go give them an earful. read more on the community calendar at

This local news and public affairs show focuses on underreported information and encourages civic activism. Tune in live 7-8 pm Monday, catch the 1 pm Tuesday rebroadcast, or stream or podcast.