April 30, 2007 by onair

WPVM’s Spring 2007 On-Air Listener Support Fund Drive starts Friday, April 27 and goes through Friday, May 4. We hope you’ll tune in and make a donation to support your independent, progressive community radio station and help us reach our goal of $15,000.

Thank you for supporting WPVM!
WPVM, like its parent organization MAIN, is a nonprofit entity and depends on support from the community. Please use the secure form below to donate by credit card you have any questions about donating, please call MAIN at 828-255-0182. (Contributions to MAIN are tax deductible.)

Please make checks payable to WPVM and send them to:

Mountain Area Information Network
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Make a secure credit card donation online.

WPVM’s Spring 2007 On-Air Listener Support Fund Drive is still going. We hope you’ll tune in and make a donation to support your independent, progressive community radio station and help us reach our goal of $15,000.

To make a donation, give us a call at 828-258-0085 or toll-free at 866-962-9786

Or, you can click here to donate online.

At this time of spring fundraising, we once again ask for your financial support. Whether you are able to contribute $5 or $500, every dollar helps. If you like what you hear on WPVM, we need your help. And if you make a donation during the fund drive, we’ll show our appreciation to you
by offering you one or more of our great thank you gifts:

Books ($50 Donation)

Noam Chomsky – Failed States
Henry Holt is one of the oldest publishers in the United States. Today the publication program focuses on American and international fiction; biography, history and politics; science, psychology and health; and books for children. Henry Holt has donated the renowed book “Failed States” by Noam Chomsky, showing how the United States itself shares features with other failed states — suffering from a severe “democratic deficit,” eschewing domestic and international law, and adopting policies that increasingly endanger its own citizens and the world.

Greg Pahl – Citizen Powered Energy Handbook
Chelsea Green Publishes on the politics and practices of sustainable living. Chelsea Green is also a member of the Green Press Initiativea and prints their books and catalogs on chlorine-free recycled paper, using soy-based inks, whenever possible. Chelsea Green has donated the book “Citizen Powered Energy Handbook”, providing a clear-eyed view of the current energy situation and points toward a sustainable path forward. Greg Pahl examines renewable energy technologies currently available and homes in on strategies that can be adopted by individuals and, especially, communities.

Bill McKibben – Deep Economy
Holtzbrinck Publishers is a group of publishing companies in the United States held by Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck. Holtzbrink Publishers has donated the book “Deep Economy”. Author Bill McKibben offers the biggest challenge in a generation to the prevailing view of our economy. For the first time in human history, he observes, “more” is no longer synonymous with “better”. For those who worry about environmental threats, he offers a route out of the worst of those problems; for those who wonder if there isn’t something more to life than buying, he provides the insight to think about one’s life as an individual and as a member of a larger community.

John Nichols and Robert McChesney – Tragedy & Farce
Tragedy and Farce dissects the media failures of recent years and show how they expose the decline in resources and standards for political journalism–as well as the methodical campaign by the political right to control the news cycle. John Nichols and Robert McChesney argue that during the 2004 election and throughout the Iraq war and occupation, Americans have been starved of democracy’s oxygen: accurate information.

Al Fritsch and Paul Gallimore – Healing Appalachia
The University Press of Kentucky (UPK) is the scholarly publisher for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. UPK’s editorial program focuses on the humanities and the social sciences. The UPK has donated the book’ “Healing Appalacia”,which is the first book to apply “appropriate technology,” or the simplest level of technology that can effectively achieve the desired result, specifically to the Appalachian region. Authors Al Fritsch and Paul Gallimore, examine thirty low-cost, people-friendly, and environmentally benign appropriate technologies that are concerned with such issues as food preservation, land use, shelter, and transportation.

DVD ($45 Donation)

Iraq For Sale
Filmmaker and political activist Robert Greenwald is the director/producer of “Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers” (2006), an expose of what happens when corporations go to war; as well as “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price” (2005), detailing the retail giant’s assault on families and American values; and “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism” (2004), about the right-wing opinion factory known as Fox “News.” His newest film, “Iraq for Sale”, is the story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war. Greenwald takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of profiteering in the reconstruction of Iraq. Iraq for Sale uncovers the connections between private corporations making a killing in Iraq and the decision makers who allow them to do so.

Other Gifts:

Web Hosting with the Mountain Area Information Network

MAIN is a nonprofit community network using integrated media technologies to expand the local public sphere and to support: participatory democracy, citizen access to media, independent journalism, local cultural and artistic expression, locally-owned businesses, social and economic justice, and environmental stewardship
MAIN offers a complete package of domain hosting options for commercial and noncommercial accounts. A domain hosted by MAIN gives you, your business or your organization an easily recognizable “top-level” Internet address. As long as the name you want is available, MAIN can host it for you.
MAIN’s commercial domain hosting services includes 250 MB of disk space, 20 e-mail accounts and a complete package of services.
1 year domain hosting account – $150

WPVM is committed to being on the forefront of the progressive media movement in America and to being on the air in Asheville. With your help we will continue this mission and continue to grow and improve.

As always, thank you for your continued interest and support for WPVM.

We would also like to thank the following businesses for their support during the Spring Fund Drive.

Chef in Motion
City Bakery
Tupelo Honey Café
Flying Frog Café
Corner Kitchen
Hannah Flanagan’s Irish Pub
Ed Boudreaux’s Bayou Barbecue
Fiore’s Ristorante Toscana
Asheville Independent Restaurants
Henry Holt and Company
Chelsea Green Publishing
Holtzbrinck Publishers
The University Press of Kentucky
Robert Greenwald
Craniosacral, Bodywork & Massage Therapy
Shoji Retreat
Blissful Rituals
Diana Wortham
North Carolina Stage Company
Scapegoat Theater Collective
Lake Eden Arts Festival
Mountain Area Information Network

Special Fund Drive Edition of Making Progress: News for A Change

April 30, 2007 by onair

Making Progress listeners made generous donations during the last fund drive. PLEASE do it again! Show your support for interviews, reports, commentary, and humor on underreported local, national, and international news topics by donating online NOW or during the show:

tune in to wpvm’s weekly news & public affairs program 6-7 pm April 30 and 1-2 pm May 1 or via podcasting on the archives page for:

a live FOLLOW-UP interview with activist and minister Amy Cantrell. Asheville City Council appointed Cantrell to the city commission that’s considering new city laws about sharing meals with the homeless (and others) in city parks. (Here’s the initial interview with Ms. Cantrell on April 23.)

audio and a report on Sunday night’s local events with Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Progressive Democratic Presidential Candidate, at UNC-Asheville and the YMI Cultural Center. How might Kucinich’s primary goal, health care reform to remove subsidies for for-profit corporations, impact the presidential race and public policy? (Audio courtesy of filmmaker Rebecca Macneice.)

an interview with Peter Elgie, teacher at a local Sudbury School, about the school’s education paradigm.

Plus other news and information, and the president’s Weekly Radio Address.

Tune in! Your hosts for this edition are Barry Summers, David Lynch, and Veronika Gunter.

Radical Writer-Mamas stop in with Listen 2 Women

April 25, 2007 by onair

On Thursday, April 26 from 5-6pm, Listen 2 Women will air an interview with the trio from Ideals and Crazy Dreams: Radical Writer-Mamas on TourAriel Gore, founder of Hip Mama, and author of How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead; China Martens, editor of long-running counter-culture parenting zine, The Future Generations, and author of the new zine-book The Future Generation; and Annie Downey, author of Hot & Bothered will all  be in the studio!  You may have missed them at Malaprop’s on Wednesday night, but you can still catch them on WPVM.

Coming in May …

April 25, 2007 by onair

A 13-part series on the “Working Artist” begins with the breath and the belly, travels a road filled with sound, image and texture, moves through teaching and business, till we find our way home and out again into the world.

Join Stephanie and her guests for conversation, music, and unexpected artful delights.

It’s called What Nourishes. It’s the kind of weekly, half-hour program that is created, produced, and broadcast in Asheville only by WPVM.

This series of What Nourishes is being underwritten by Earth Exchange, the Asheville foundation dedicated to support sustainability initiatives in the Southern Highlands. Call (828) 255-8001 for information.

Stay tuned — it starts in May.

Elections and Cigarettes in France…

April 25, 2007 by onair

Who will be the next president of France, a man or a woman? Interesting parallels with the US elections, the French will have to choose between a daddy or a mommy for the governing of their lives … This week on The Paris of the South radio hour, Stephanie and Francois present the two candidates and the results of the first round – they do it with their usual touch of humor, wit, and sincerity.

How do you define comments on the results of French elections? With the soundtrack of Borat music in the background, of course! Just creative? Or irreverent ? Check it out for yourself!

+++ Plus /Bonus! A report by Radio France Internationale on the new law that bans smoking in public places … They hate it; we don’t.

Click below to listen to the show!

Erratum/During the show we are report the date of the run-off incorrectly. Elections will be held on MAY 6, Not May 15. Ooops !

Join Chautauqua!

April 24, 2007 by onair

Future ContributorsHow would YOU like to learn how to produce audio documentaries, conduct interesting interviews, be a radio producer, or just tell your incredibly interesting story?

Musicians, we are also interested in using your instrumental compositions.

Interested? Come meet with the Chautauqua Radio staff. Learn about the show, and find out how you can be involved. We are looking for people with all levels of experience. You bring your ideas and your friends and we’ll bring the beer and pretzels!

  • Where: Upstairs at the Reader’s Corner 31 Montford Ave
  • When: Thursday May 10th at 6PM

Monday and Tuesday on Making Progress

April 23, 2007 by onair

tune in to wpvm’s weekly news & public affairs program 6-7 pm April 23 and 1-2 pm April 24 or via podcasting on the archives page:

a live interview with activist Amy Cantrell and a taped interview with Asheville City Council member Brownie Newman as part of a discussion about a proposal to ban the feeding of the homeless in city parks.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Progressive Democratic Presidential Candidate, comes to town April 29. Hear a live interview with Kyle Cogburn, president of the Buncombe County Young Democrats. The YD’s are holding a conference for high school and college-age citizens and hosting Kucinich in a free public meeting.

Gonzales Hearing Exposes the Bush Administration’s Hijacking of the Justice Department: a segment on underreported national news

Vice president Dick Cheney makes a guest appearance on the president’s Weekly Radio Address.

Tune in! Your hosts are Barry Summers, David Lynch, and Veronika Gunter.